Terms and conditions

To book the apartment on our site you have to do the next steps:

•  If you choose the apartment you would like to rent please click Order and fill out all necessary fields in Order form, indicating your full name and the correct information of your arrival.  After receiving the order of the apartment reservation our manager will contact you during 24 hours and arrange all necessary details.

•  Next, you have to make your advance payment in the amount of the apartment rent price per 1 night. The apartment is considered to be booked only after the prepayment is received. You can send us the advance deposit via Western Union or other money system. Your prepayment will be deducted from the total sum of payment upon your arrival and final calculation. When you arrive you will have to pay the rest of the payment by cash either in our office or to the manager who will be waiting for you in your apartment.

•  If while you send the prepayment the apartment you chose was reserved by other customer we will propose you another variant. 

•  If by any reason you cancel or change the details of your order, please write or call us at your earliest convenience. We will change/cancel your order if you inform us 72 hours prior to the date, pointed in your order. Contacting us about changes, please don't forget to point your full name.

•  If the customer by any reason cancels the order and informs us about his decision less than in 72 hours before the time, specified in the order, the order is considered to be fulfilled and advance deposit is non-refundable.

•  Settlement is provided only in the presence of the document (passport) identifying your personality.


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